Tibia Discord Bot

Tibia Discord Bot

How to use

  1. Make sure python 3.7+ is installed.
  2. Run install.bat or install requiered libs by using pip pip install -r requirements.txt
  3. Start the bot with bot.bat or python bot.py in bot folder.
  4. Change TOKEN and CHANNEL_ID in config.json
  5. Restart the bot.



  • Online/Offline
  • Player death
  • Player level advance
  • Highscore information
  • Custom thumbnail


  • Guild – add/remove guild memebers from whitelist
  • Tibia News and News Ticker – Sends a message with latest news ticker information and pin it.


  • add – Add player to whitelist
  • exp – Show players experience change if player is on top 300
  • onlinelist – Show onlinelist
  • pg – Show players online time
  • player – Get information about player by name
  • rank – Get players highscore information
  • rashid – Tells where rashid can be found today
  • remove – Remove player from whitelist
  • share – Check experience level range of player or level
  • whitelist – Show whitelist
  • yasir – Yasir information from https://yasironline.tibiageeks.com

Recent Commits

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